Why Sanders

Probably the most frequently asked question I've received over the years is why would I sell or lease my property with Sanders?

Ask this question of any agent or agency and most will reply:

  • We sell the most homes
  • We get the highest prices
  • We are the best negotiators
  • We have the highest market share
  • We use the latest technologies
  • We have the greatest online presence

While Sanders could lay claim to all the above points too, I believe the answer to this question shouldn't start with "We" but "YOU"!

You and your needs come first at Sanders. By treating your home and individual circumstances the same as we would our own, we can assure you receive advice that's genuine and with your best interests in mind.

Our culture and environment of putting our clients first means we can guarantee you the highest levels of service and ultimately the best result possible, whether entrusting us with the sale of your property or managing your investments.

I couldn't be prouder to help manage such a dedicated and skilful group of individuals, committed to putting you first and we welcome the opportunity to help achieve your real estate goals.


Licensee and employee of Sanders Property Agents since 1996.