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Friday 08 Aug 2014 How to spot a growth area Details Close

Are you trying to find the 'next big suburb' that is set to rise. Tto find 4 key things to look out for click here

Thursday 29 May 2014 The first home buying investor Details Close

There has been a lot of media coverage in recent times as to whether first home buyers are still active in the market. click here to find out more

Wednesday 19 Feb 2014 What's next for interest rates? Details Close

It's the question on all property owners minds. Will interest rates decrease, increase or are we in for a period of stability? click here to find out more

Friday 14 Feb 2014 Is it cheaper to rent or buy? Details Close

With house prices on the rise many people have been asking if it is better to rent or buy. For more visit 

Friday 14 Feb 2014 First home buyers make comeback Details Close

December saw a rise in number of properties purchased by first home buyers. For further information please visit